Benefits of Keeping a Gratitude Journal

by | Nov 13, 2021 | Blog


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 There are many benefits to keeping a gratitude journal. Instilling a writing practice in this way ensures that you maintain a focus on positivity. Sure, sometimes bad things may happen, but this overall emphasis on finding the good can help to provide you with the resilience to keep going.



  • Your stress levels will decrease as you begin embracing an attitude of gratitude.
  • Plus, the act of writing can be therapeutic in itself.
  • Writing also helps to give you a different perspective on things that you might not see as readily without engaging in the process.
  • You can identify patterns and insight into your life that might help you to identify opportunities and to grow.

Tips for Using Your Journal

Tip #1: Consistency

The most important thing when it comes to a gratitude journal is consistency of practice. Some journal twice daily. Others prefer once. Regardless, it will only be effective if you use it regularly.


Tip #2: Choose a Format You Enjoy

One of the best ways to help yourself want to use your journal is to choose a format you enjoy.

Don’t force yourself to write in a journal by hand if you prefer to use electronic methods. You can keep your records in a simple word processing spreadsheet or use one of many apps that are available for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you are inspired by a beautifully bound paper journal, find one that speaks to you and start writing your thoughts down immediately.


Tip #3: Keep it Accessible

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No matter what you use, keep it handy by your bedside or on easily accessed devices. Turn your routine into a ritual. Make it a process that feeds your soul. Incorporate your morning coffee into your journal writing or light a candle with a lovely aroma to accompany your routine. Just make it yours.


A gratitude journal can be an insightful and life-changing tool. Remember, you only have to write three simple things you’re grateful for. There’s no need to make it complicated. Start your record keeping practice today and see what it can do for you.

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Written by Karyn Almendarez

Karyn is a retired elementary teacher and lives in Colorado. She loves Wordpress, blogging, writing, and cats. She is the author of Tragedy's Treasures, A Mom's Journey Through Grief, her raw and personal account of how she survived her sixteen-year-old son's death in an early morning car accident. Click here to learn more about her.


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