OYT 005: Peace Over Panic

With all the changes, illness, and challenges this pandemic has caused,

Do you find yourself asking, “Is God on my side? Is He protecting me during this pandemic? What about all the political and cultural unrest? Is He protecting our country?”

Are you wondering where to find peace when so many negative things are going on around you? 

After all, we are human and prone to negative thoughts, worries, fears, and even panic. How do we avoid being anxious about our health and finances, our children’s and grandchildren’s health and education, and what our future holds? Anxiety may take over when we think of the “what ifs.”

Let’s discover how and where to find Peace Over Panic!

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  1. Gail Kiehlbauch

    What great truth and encouragement to stay our minds on Christ and His instruction to us during these difficult days. Those two passages of scripture have been an encouragement to me over the years. May God use your insights to help others be strong and focused on God who is always in total control.

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