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Procrastination is a common problem, but needn’t be. Learn about procrastination’s pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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What is Procrastination

Procrastination can be defined as the act of postponing an important task until another date. It’s the act of engaging in other, less important tasks or work.

Procrastination is a learned negative habit that can be broken by developing new habits. We all have the capability to control our actions and stop procrastinating.

It’s not about willpower or discipline, it’s about understanding how your mind works and knowing what to do in order to make it work for you rather than against you.

Why We Procrastinate

Procrastination has always been a thing for humans, but with the introduction of social media, it’s become more than just an issue. It’s now become an addiction that people are struggling to get rid of.

The reason behind this is because we live in a world where instant gratification is available at our fingertips. Technology and social media have made it so much easier to procrastinate than ever before because there are so many distractions around us at any given time.

Let’s start with the most common cause of procrastination-we don’t feel like doing what needs to be done. The easiest way to get over this feeling is just by getting started with the task at hand!

A lot of people also tend to procrastinate because they think that they’re not good enough for the task at hand. But that’s just not true! We can never be perfect at everything in life, so we just have to keep our heads up and do our best!

7 reasons why we procrastinate:

It is a normal human tendency to procrastinate because there are always distractions in the world.

Here are 7 reasons why we procrastinate.

#1 We think our work is not worthy of our time and effort.

#2 We have a lack of clarity on what needs to be done.

#3 We have a fear of failure or success.

#4 We have too many choices in front of us.

#5 We find it difficult to see the progress we’re making.

#6 Our work has no meaning for us, so we’re not excited about it.

#7 There are other interests that take away from our attention span.

 Do any of these reasons apply to you?

Reasons to Not Procrastinate

We all know that there are many reasons to not procrastinate. For one, it can lead to a severe lack of productivity and motivation. It also leads to stress, anxiety, depression, and an increased risk for health problems.

How to Reduce Your Procrastinating Levels

Although it can be very difficult to actually make the changes needed to stop procrastinating, there are some steps you can take to help you stay on track. For example,

  • You could make a list of all the tasks that need to be completed and assign them deadlines 
  • Create a chart with time blocks for work time and breaks
  • Set up something that will reward you for completing your work.

5 Simple Steps on How You Can Reduce Your Procrastination Levels

1. Set a timer to do something for 15-30 minutes.

Use an app/timer on your phone, iPad, or desktop. An example is https://pomodoro-tracker.com/


pomodoro app screenshot

2. Get rid of all distractions when you are working on your task.

3. Get up from your desk when you are not working on your tasks and go for a walk or drink water.

4. Create a list of smaller, manageable tasks that will help you complete the bigger tasks in the end.

5. Write it down on paper instead of on some digital device so that it is easier for you to see what needs to be done and where you are at with your goals. An example is writing in a planner or journal.


We have learned procrastination is the act of postponing an important task until another date. It’s the act of engaging in other, less important tasks or work.

It is a learned negative habit that can be replaced by developing new habits.

We also learned reasons why we procrastinate and how it harms us.

Lastly, we discovered 5 simple steps to reduce procrastination to lessen our stress and increase our productivity.

NOTE: I am the poster child for procrastination! I pray that God will give me wisdom and teach me to number my days and be a light to others. Thanks for joining me! 

If you learned from this article, please comment below!

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