Thank You for Sharing Hope

Thank You Sharing Hope!

Yahoo! Our book launch of the new Tragedy’s Treasures, a Mom Finds Hope in Grief and Loss, is still soaring!

Now, both Kindle and print versions are #1 New Release!








I have all of you to thank for buying and sharing the book with your friends and families.



A SPECIAL THANK YOU GOES TO ALL WHO WROTE AND POSTED REVIEWS ON AMAZON! Reviews are crucial to the book’s success and outreach, and I am so grateful! Tragedy’s Treasures has 12 new reviews since we launched on April 4!

It is never too late to write and post one! After you read the book, go to:

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Cynthia Garza

Reviewed in the United States on April 6, 2020

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Once again, THANK YOU, for helping me launch Tragedy’s Treasures, a Mom Finds Hope in Grief and Loss. Click on the picture below to learn more!

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