What A Difference A Bit of Gratitude Makes

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What a difference a bit of gratitude makes! We can simply break down gratitude to appreciating the good things in your life. It doesn’t always seem simple, though. When things are hectic or stressful, finding the silver lining can be challenging. However, learning how to embrace gratitude can significantly boost your happiness. Being grateful offers a host of other benefits you’re probably not aware of. Let’s take a closer look at the ways gratitude can improve your life and how to practice it.

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About Gratitude

There are many definitions of gratitude. Some people believe it’s a feeling or emotion. Others look at it as more of a mood. Still, some folks believe gratitude is a personality trait a person exhibits. Gratitude can also be viewed as a practice.

Gratitude brings forth satisfaction and appreciation in a person through feelings, actions, or even inherent qualities. However, even those of us who may be more inclined to feel grateful on a regular basis through our glass-half-full-optimism may need to work on evoking our attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude can be viewed as a practice or something you perform regularly. Most people practice something because it benefits them. This is true of gratitude. As with other practices, you’ll get better at demonstrating gratitude the more you work at it.

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Benefits of Embracing Gratitude

There are many benefits of gratitude; many of them have been scientifically proven. Once you begin to understand the benefits, chances are good that you’ll see why it’s so important to embrace gratitude and develop a grateful mindset.

Gratitude Can Have a Positive Effect on Both Physical and Mental Health.

Research has shown it improves:

  • Relaxation
  • Sleep quality
  • Energy levels

Being Thankful for Your Blessings Can Enhance Your Emotional Wellness

  • You’ll deal better in crisis situations
  • You’ll find you’re more resilient when you’re able to look on the bright side
  • This can contribute to better relationships
  • Appreciating the positives in life can make you feel happier

Practicing Gratitude Leads to More Gratitude

Practicing gratitude increases dopamine in your brain (the stuff that makes you feel good!) and encourages your brain to seek more of the same. So, scientifically speaking, the more you are grateful for, the more you will find things to be grateful for.


Ways to Practice Gratitude

Recognizing your blessings may not come easily at first, but there are some ways to help make it a habit and a regular part of your routine.

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One of the most convenient and impactful methods for growing appreciation is through keeping a gratitude journal. In this practice, you’ll write down three things each day that you’re grateful for, which makes it easier to notice and recognize those good things.

Meditation has also been shown to help. Also, making an effort to thank someone each day, for even the smallest thing, opens your eyes and heart to abundance. Giving back and doing good for others can provide tremendous perspective, as well.

Now you have a better idea of just what a difference a bit of gratitude makes! Counting your blessings and embracing and expressing gratitude are more important than many of us realize. Even a bit of gratitude can make a SUBSTANTIAL difference in our lives.

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